Dragon Mobile/Semi-Portable Digital X-Ray Unit with Wireless DR Detector

An essential tool in improving both patient care and diagnosis, the Dragon is the world's first large-area, portable, flat panel, digital radiography detector, delivering X-ray images in less than 5 seconds, direct on to a large area digital display. Lightweight, easy to use and using digital technology instead of film, it is both affordable and practical for companies working in remote, hostile conditions.

Enhances ability to diagnose on site

Avoiding the need for medevac for referral. The images can also be transmitted back to clinicians at hospital sites for second opinion or clarification.

Digital technology

Replaces need for the ongoing supply and storage of film under optimum stable temperatures, as well as ongoing provision of film processing chemicals.

Easy to use

By medical personnel without specialist radiology training. No need for traditional X-ray film processing or computed radiography plate scanning.


The compact size and design of the Dragon enables the examination of patients in challenging situations such as trauma and at the bedside.

Easily transportable

Suitable for air freight, transport in large car, mini van. Wheeled transportation case for long distance freighting by air or truck.


Suitable for use in remote locations, extreme temperatures, dusty environments.


Technical Support
- Manufactured by UK specialist, Xograph Imaging Systems using Canon technology, this machine is fully supported, 24/7 by Xograph's Technical Support Department. In a situation where a problem can not be fixed remotely, Xograph will organise return shipment to the UK support centre within days, returning the Dragon as soon as possible.

- The Canon CXDI-55G 400 speed portable direct digital detector plate has an imaging area of 35x43cm, suitable for chest and abdominal radiography. 3.4kg and 23mm thin, it is light and easy to transport in one hand.