Laerdal Suction Unit - With Reusable Canister

This award winning Laerdal Suction Unit is the ultimate in high performance. With its rugged bump and splash proof design it is suitable for remote or hazardous environments, in the ambulance or hospital.

Quiet – when operated at low vacuum levels. At 500+ mmHg the db(A) level is 57 or less.

One touch testing – the only suction unit to offer this to quickly check all functions: occlusion, vacuum build up efficacy, maximum achievable vacuum level and air leakage.

Easy to use – operated by a large single knob for power and setting tracheal and/or oropharyngeal vacuum levels. It also has an easy to understand graphic userface.


Features -

  • 5 commonly used tracheal and oropharyngeal settings
  • Industry first device diagnostics
  • No tools replacement battery
  • Built in charger
  • 5-year manufacturer warranty


  • AC 110-240v
  • DC 12-28v
  • High performance - capable of 25 LPM at 500+mmhg setting

Suction unit includes:Re-usable canister with patient tubing, suction unit, AC and DC cords for charging, battery, vacuum tubing, filter/liner and directions for use.Also available: