Evac-U-Splint Vacuum Extremity Splint (Medium)

EVAC-U-SPLINT vacuum splints provide a solution for practically every splinting situation.

Place the splint around the injured area, evacuate the air; it is that simple. Versatile, easy to use and adaptable, the EVAC-U-SPLINT can be used in several different ways and is therefore a very useful product to possess.


  • - Effective immobilisation of patient without placing additional pressure on the injured area
  • - Eliminates axial, lateral, and rotational movement during normal patient transport
  • - Easy to manipulate into a variety of configurations depending on the type of injury
  • - MRI & Radiologic compatible
  • - Polystyrene beads help reduce body heat loss and provide maximum comfort
  • - Easy to clean/disinfect
  • - Quick and easy to use
  • - Molds easily to body contours
  • - Operating range: -40°F to +180°F
  • - Material: vinyl/nylon laminate (polystyrene beads filling)