Entonox Cylinder - D size

The use of Entonox is most commonly used as a method of pain control during labour, control trauma related pain and is used by paramedics and in accident and emergency departments.  Entonox is supplied from an Entonox Cylinder via the Entonox Delivery Unit.

What is Entonox?
Self-administered nitrous oxide in a 50:50 oxygen mixture

Features and Benefits:

  • - Easy of use and short duration of action makes it well suited for the treatment of pre-hospital pain by emergency medics.
  • - It can provide short-term pain relief, sedation and reduced anxiety during a range of painful procedures such as; chest drain removal, pin site dressings, physiotherapy and lumbar punctures.


  • - Estimated packed weight: 10kg.
  • - Dimensions: 26cm x 26cm x 48cm.

If you require the delivery system, Entonox key or mouthpieces, please enquire with Medekit sales.