Draeger PAC 7000 HCN Detector

Small and robust, economic and powerful - The Draeger Pac 7000 is tailor made for the personal monitoring of Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN) in the workplace.

The innovative single gas detector can measure HCN gas in the air from 0 - 50 ppm and has a text free LCD display to avoid language problems. With a two tone alarm (typical > 90dB (A) at a distance of 30 m), visual alarm and vibration alarm the XXS sensors react quickly and warns immediately of any dangerous concentrations in the air.

The Draeger Pac 7000 is C.E. marked and also has an integral data logger which stores concentration and events with dates and times.

Protection against electromagnetic effects has been specially optimised, whilst a stable and tightly locking crocodile clip made of stainless steel allows the instrument to be fastened securely to the wearer's clothing.

Dimensions: 64 x 84 x 20mm

Weight: 120g

Typical Battery Life: 3 years