Special Operations Laryngoscope Set

A lightweight, compact and highly innovative Special Operations Laryngoscope Set that is designed to operate effectively under the most extreme environmental conditions.

Features and benefits:

  • The laryngoscopes are packaged with spare bulbs and batteries
  • The fibre optic handle is water, sand and dust-proof and featured a textured gripping surface.
  • Includes single use, fibre optic blades made from an enhanced polymer for exceptional strength and rigidity
  • For added convenience, the handle's removable light source is designed to work with any standard (green-spec) fibre optic blade
  • The complete set is lightweight at 285g and rolls up for easy storage and transport

Kit contents:

  • ENT pocket light with two AAA batteries
  • Laryngoscope handle
  • Miller No 3 laryngoscope blade
  • Mac No 3 laryngoscope blade
  • Laryngoscope pouch
  • Spare exam light bulb
  • Two spare AAA batteries