F.A.S.T. 1 Intraosseous Infusion System

Please note: The F.A.S.T. 1 is intended for medical professionals who have completed a FAST1 training programme. Proof of training is required by Medekit before sale.

To arrange training for this product please contact us.

The first access for shock and trauma (F.A.S.T. 1) system has been designed for emergency environments. Paramedics working in confusing and disrupted situations have added pressures to place intravenous lines successfully. With the F.A.S.T. 1 system, vascular access can be achieved successfully in 60 seconds. It is a quick, safe and reliable device that enables adult intraosseous infusion in emergency situations via the sternum.

Design features

  • - The F.A.S.T. 1 system key component is the flexible infusion tube. Its tip, a stainless steel bone portal, is placed through the patients skin and anterior cortical bone and into the marrow space of the sternal manubrium
  • - Within about 70 seconds of initiating the procedure, fluid is flowing into the sternal marrow
  • - Subcutaneous portal and low profile dome ensure immunity to external interference
  • - Flow rates from about 30ml/min (gravity drip), to 125ml/min (pressure cuff or syringe/stopcock pump) and 250ml/min (single syringe)
  • - With a 250ml bag of HSD, syringe/stopcock delivery of equivalent to nearly 2 litres of normal saline in 2.5 min
  • - Can remain in place for up to 24 hours