EZ-IO AD Needle (25mm, Blue, 3kg+) - Each

Unlike older IO technology, the EZ-IO's patented needle tip has four asymmetrical bevels on the stylet and two cutting tips on the catheter, providing a smooth and accurate insertion - right where you want it.

Black indicator lines are located at 5mm increments from the hub for assessing insertion depth. With EZ-IO, the insertion depth is completely controlled by the clinician.

Features and benefits:

  • AD 25mm needles (blue) are designed for any patient weighing more than 40 kilograms, or for patients who have too much tissue over the insertion site for the 15mm needle set to be used
  • 15 gauge
  • Manufactured from 304 stainless steel
  • Designed for use with any EZ-IO power driver

Medekit offers a range of accessories and training tools for use with the EZ-IO.

Can also be bought in packs of 5: Medekit code 12894 - EZ-IO AD Needles (25mm, Blue, 40kg+) - Pack of 5