Combat Application Tourniquet - CAT

The C.A.T is a small and lightweight (59 grams) one-handed tourniquet that completely occludes arterial blood flow in an extremity.

Features and benefits:

  • - The C.A.T has a Velcro Windlass Strap for further securing of the windlass during patient transport
  • - The C.A.T uses a Self-Adhering Band and a Friction Adapter Buckle to fit a wide range of extremities
  • - Modern military soldiers rely on the C.A.T tourniquet to stop arm or leg blood flow due to injury on the battlefield
  • - It's effectiveness as a life-saving instrument for soldiers on the battlefield has played a significant role in improvement of modern warfare combat injury medical care
  • - Compact design allows easy storage.

The C.A.T is only to be used by trained health care providers or emergency responders.