Bag Valve Resuscitation Device - Disposable Adult

Single patient use Manual Resuscitator designed specfically to meet all  ERC tidal volume guidelines. Complete with oxygen tubing, reservoir bag  and cushion mask size 5, this Resuscitator is both easy to use and  provides total reliability.


  • Fully compressed with one hand, the adult bag delivers 600-700mls of air
  • Fully compressed with two hands, the adult bag delivers 1000mls of air
  • Designed specifically to meet ERC's 2006 tidal volume guidelines
  • Textured bag provides positive grip, even when wet
  • 360º swivel for ease of use with facemask or endotracheal tube
  • Preassembled and ready to use
  • All fittings, excluding the facemask, are glued onto the bag for ease of use  and clinical safety
  • Single wall construction provides optimal sensitivity
  • Excellent recoil recovery following bag compression
  • Single use product prevents cross infection
  • Clear non-breathing valve
  • Transparent material allows internal visibility
  • Latex free
  • Cost effective
  • May be used with face mask provided or with an artificial airway with a 15mm connector

Also available:

  • Reusable Resuscitator Device - medekit code 6905