Bag Valve Mask Resuscitation Device - Adult Reusable (Autoclavable)

Manual Resuscitator with Reservoir Tubing which can be used with self-ventilating patients or to manually ventilate.

Applications - in operating rooms to ventilate an anaesthetised patient in the minutes before a mechanical ventilator is attached.


- Contains a reusable adult size 5 mask attached to a rebreathing bag with 02 port and a valve that determines how full the bag is

- Silicone - transparent and durable allowing inspection before and during use

- Latex free - high grade silicone with polysulphone fittings

- Anatomically shaped mask - soft deep silicone cushions which can be removed for ease of cleaning

- Autoclavable to 138°C helps to prevent infection and contamination

- Superb seal and patient comfort

- Includes user manual

Also available:

- Child Mask (Size 3) - 9704

- Bag Valve Resuscitation Device Disposable Adult - 9497