Piccolo Xpress Blood Analyser

The Piccolo Xpress is a compact, portable clinical chemistry system designed for on-site patient testing.

Roughly the size of a shoe box, health care providers use the easy to follow colour touch screen commands to perform routine multi-chemistry panels.

0.1cc of whole blood, serum or plasma is added directly to the patented 8cm diameter, single use plastic disc containing the liquid dilutent and dry reagents. The disc is then placed in the analyser drawer where centrifugal and capillary forces are used to mix the reagents and sample in the disc.

The Piccolo Xpress monitors the reagent reactions simultaneously using nine wavelengths, calculates the results from the absorbence data and reports the results.

Features and benefits:

  • - On the spot lab results
  • - Uses a small sample size, no sample pre-treatment needed
  • - Results available in approximately 12 minutes
  • - Built in quality control
  • - Delivers up to 24 individual tests
  • - Portable and lightweight
  • - Stores up to 5000 patient and control results on-board
  • - Easy operation - no special skills are required to run the Piccolo Xpress
  • - Self contained, disposable reagent discs are easy to handle
  • - Requires little maintenance

Technical information:

  • - Operates from line or 15v battery power
  • - Dimensions: 32.4cm x 15.2cm x 20.3cm
  • - Weight: 5.1Kg (approximate)
  • - CD software makes testing upgrades easy

Other available products to accompany the analyser are: adhesive paper roll, disposable tips and minipipettes.

Please enquire for further information.