Lion Alcolmeter SD-400 Kit - AlcoCal 2AL Cylinder with regulator

Lion Alcometer SD-400 is a hand held automatic breath sampling system with data storage, PC compatibility and digital display giving read out of the subject's breath alcohol concentration.

Features -

  • Simple to use – fully automatic features requires minimal training
  • Fast accurate analysis – using the Lion fuel cell sensor. This ensures a high specificity to alcohol, with a long and stable working life
  • Last test recall at any time
  • Easy to read display with four indicator lights to inform and instruct the operator
  • Automatic data collection stored in memory with date and time and can be downloaded onto a PC
  • True evidential capability – it may be used for fast subject screening but is sufficiently accurate for evidential testing
  • Calibration security by means of the dongle electronic key
  • Approvals – approved by the Law Enforcement authorities world wide for both screening and evidential testing applications.

Supplied with -

  • Batteries
  • Wrist Strap
  • &quotAlcohol In The Body&quot booklet
  • AlcoCal standard required for periodic calibration checking/adjustment
  • Operator Handbook
  • 250 &quotD&quot Mouthpieces
  • Supervisor Handbook
  • Dongle electronic security key

Brochure available for viewing:

Lion Alcocal brochure

Lion Alcometer SD00P Kit