CardioChek PA

Elevated cholesterol and lipid levels are important indicators of cardiac risk. The CardioChek PA provides accurate lipid profile results from a single fingerstick whole blood sample.  


  • Fast - Lipid panel testing - results in about 2 minutes, single test results in about 1 minute
  • Convenient fingerstick sample
  • Automatic printing for immediate record-keeping
  • Hand-held portability with battery operated convenience 
  • Reliable operation - no moving parts
  • Internal memory allows review of results
  • Broad test menu
  • No refrigeration for test strips required


  • Time saving - reduced lab delays, paperwork and patient follow up
  • Cost saving - improved economics with low instrument and test costs
  • Increase compliance to therapy and continuity of care
  • Its portability make it ideal for use in remote areas


  • Dimensions: Length 14cm, Width 7.6cm, Height 2.5cm
  • Weight:4.3 oz (121.9g)
  • Battery: 2 AAA batteries
  • Battery Life: approx 300 tests
  • Temp. Humidity Operating Range: 50-104 OC Fahrenheit, 20-80 percent RH
  • Storage Conditions: Store at or below 86 OC Fahrenheit
  • Calibration: None required