HPC Total Count Sampler (Red Test) - Water Testing - Pack of 25

Used in food and beverage industries to monitor sanitisation procedures, the Millipore HPC Water Analysis sampler is used for the recovery of stressed heterotrophic micro-organisms in 1.0+/0.1ml of purified water, dialysis make-up water or treated surfaces as well as dental water lines.


  • Applicable device: Dip &amp Swab Samplers
  • Incubation Time:&nbsp 48-72 Hours
  • Incubation Temperature: 25-35+/0.2oC
  • Organism Appearance: Colonies appear glistening and translucent or transparent. Colours vary from colourless to white, cream yellow or occasionally pigmented. Magnification of colonies is recommended.
  • Storage: Store at room temperature (15-30)oC
  • Shelf Life:24 Months
  • QC Organisms: E,Coli (ATCC#8739), P.aeruginosa (ATCC#9027) Recovery greater than or equal to 80%
  • Certificate Included
  • Number of tests: 25 pack
  • Formula: per litre of USP purified water: Bacto peptone 20g, Hydrolized gelatin 25g Glycerol 10ml