Rozalex Dri Guard Barrier Cream Easy Pump 3L - Pack of 6

This new pumpable version of the dry-work barrier cream offers safeguard against mineral oils, grease, factory grime etc.

There a several benefits using the Rozalex Dri-Guard which include:

    • Removes soil from skin
    • Protects against skin dehydration and de-fatting


  • Keeps the user safe from oil based contaminants and solvent
  • Decreases risk of contaminants & sensitisers to ingress into the skin


The water based paste consists of a blend of fatty acid soaps, dye, perfume, preservative and china clay. It keeps the user safe from:

  • dust
  • grease
  • cements
  • mineral oils
  • hydrocarbon solvents
  • varnishes
  • diesel oils
  • dyes
  • stains
  • printing inks
  • paints
  • lubricating compounds
  • polishes
  • bitumens
  • etc.


  • Prior to starting work, apply 1-2 ml to clean dry skin ensuring cream is thoroughly applied.
  • Re-apply after washing.
  • This 3 litre pack can be wall-mounted using the Rozalex Wall-Mount Bracket Kit

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