Dressing - Burnshield Small - 10cm x 10cm

Burnshield™ Sterile Trauma Burn Dressing - extensively used by emergency personnel and fire services around the world,  Burnshield products use a fast acting combination of sterile water and natural tea tree oil to take the sting out of burn pain instantly.


  • - Suitable for treating first, second and third degree burns and scalds - the dressing is saturated with a sterile, water based gel which absorbs and dissipates heat from the burn, providing relief, minimising shock and skin damage and protecting against further contamination. 
  • - Suitable for use on children and adults

How to apply and remove:

  • - Apply gently but firmly without stretching or pulling dressing over burn area. (Dressing should be covered with a non-absorptive material and lightly bound or secured).
  • - It is non-adhesive and can be removed with cool water or saline solution without causing discomfort


  • - Size: 10cm x 10cm (4" x 4")
  • - Single use - do not reuse
  • - Each
  • - Open cell poly-foam designed to hold gel in place and allow for heat dissipation
  • - Water (96%)
  • - Non-toxic
  • - Melaleuca Alt. (Tea Tree)
  • - Gelling agent
  • - Sterilized by gamma irradiation  the unit must remain sealed until required
  • - ISO 9001 EN 46001 CE accredited
  • - Non-irritant 
  • - Store in cool place