Piccolo Xpress Chemistry Analyser - Lipid Panel Reagent Discs - Pack of 10

Piccolo panels are configured to aid in disease diagnosis or monitor disease treatment and are for use with the Piccolo Xpress Chemistry Analyser. Ideal for use in emergency medical, hospitals, neo-natal clinics and mobile hospitals/ambulances in remote medical settings.

Each panel is a self contained plastic disc with reagents. Intelligent quality control and bar coded calibration are built in to each reagent disc. The Lipid Panel Reagent discs test the following:


  • - Cholesterol (CHOL)
  • - (HDL)
  • - (LDL)
  • - (TRIG)
  • - (VLDL)


  • - Allows medical personnel to perform routine blood tests on whole blood samples and obtain laboratory-equivalent results within minutes - taking the guesswork out of on-the-spot diagnosis
  • - No set up procedure or sample pre-treatment required
  • - Easy to use - entirely automated procedure with no special training necessary. The user simply places a few drops of whole blood in the disc and loads the disc into the Analyser - the whole procedure from separating the blood to analyzing the sample and printing results - takes approximately 12 minutes
  • - Multi-test discs provide a broad picture of patient's health
  • - Medical personnel may detect health problems suspected by physical exam, symptoms, of patient history.