Panbio Dengue Duo Cassette - Pack of 25

The Panbio Dengue Duo Cassette is for the rapid, qualitative presumption detection of IgM and IgG antibodies to dengue virus in human serum, plasma and whole blood.

The assay can be used for the presumptive differentiation between primary and secondary infection. When present in the patient's sample, dengue specific immunoglobulins of the IgM or IgG class bind to anti-human IgM or IgG antibodies immobilised in two lines across the cassette membrane.

Colloidal gold complexes containing dengue 1-4 antigens are captured by the bound patient's IgM or IgG to give visible pink line(s).

Features and benefits:

  • - Whole blood, serum or plasma may be used
  • - Kit contains all that is needed to run a test
  • - Wide storage temperature range (2-30°C)
  • - >90% sensitivity and specificity
  • - Results in 15 minutes
  • - Differentiation between primary and secondary dengue can help prevent disease severity
  • - Pack of 25 tests