Malaria PF/PV Rapid Test Binax Now - Pack of 25

The simple, three-step test provides results in 15 minutes, allowing for accurate treatment and improved patient outcomes.

Intended use:

The BinaxNOW Malaria Test is a rapid immunodiagnostic assay for the differentiating detection of circulating Plasmodium falciparum (P.f.) antigen and the antigen common to all to Pan malarial species: Plasmodium vivax (P.v.), Plasmodium ovale (P.o.), and Plasmodium malariae (P.m.) in whole blood.

Features and benefits:

  • - Rapid: Results in 15 minutes enabling immediate treatment meaning improved patient outcomes and reduced mortality
  • - Easy to use: Simple to use test needing only one reagent and a small blood sample easily collected by finger prick – eliminating the need for a skilled microscopist
  • - Easy to interpret: Differentiated results that aid the diagnosis of lethal P. falciparum infection. Provides objective, qualitative results – No subjective assessment required
  • - Accurate and reliable: High specificity and sensitivity with built-in procedural control to ensure test viability. Helps reduce the unnecessary use of anti-malarial drugs, in turn helping to minimise the development of drug resistant malarial strains