i-STAT Analyser CG4+ Cartridges - Pack of 25

This product can sometimes be short dated. Please contact the office to enquire before placing an order.

Delivering results in two minutes or less, the CG4+ Cartridge is a standard blood gas cartridge panel but includes lactate. Lactate has proven to be a valuable test in certain goal-directed therapy protocols for paediatric heart surgery as well as in the mangement of sepsis. For use with the i-STAT Analyser.


  • - Robust quality control for peace of mind - Before any tests are run and results reported, each self-contained i-STAT cartridge perform a series of built-in quality control procedures, from monitoring the quality of the sample to validating the reagent chemicals - assuring that the results are both nearly instantaneous and actionable
  • - Easy to use - Fully automated process
  • - Time saving - Calibrant integral to cartridge, no preparation required


  • - Tests pH , PCO2, PO2, TCO2, HCO3, BEecf, sO2 and Lactate
  • - Single use, disposable cartridge
  • - 25 tests in a pack
  • - Size of pack: 205 x 100 x 80mm
  • - Cold storage: 2 - 8 degrees C
  • - Shelf Life under cold storage conditions: until expiry date
  • - Recommended warmup time from cold storage: 5 minutes for a single cartridge or 60 minutes for a full box
  • - Shelf life unrefrigerated: 14 days
  • - Facilities fo entry of reagent/calibrant information: Barcode/Manual
  • - View Cartridge and Test Information for further details

Verifiying the integrity of the cartridges received with every new LOT number on the box can be done by analysing 2 levels of I-STAT controls (Level 1 and Level 3).

Also available: E3+ Cartridge, Chem8+ cartridge, BNP cartridge, Level 1 Control sample, Level 3 Control Sample.