Accutrend Cholesterol Test Strips - Pack of 25

This product sometimes has a short expiry date. Please contact the office to enquire before placing an order.

Accutrend Cholesterol Test Strips for use with the Accutrend GC BSL Cholesterol Tester Medekit code 9416.

Test strips for the quantitative determination of cholesterol in the range 150-300 mg/dl (3.88-7.75mmol/l).

Accutrend uses specially designed, superior quality test strips. The strips contain:

  • - A yellow protective mesh, impregnated with a surfactant (application field)
  • - A glass fibre fleece that works as a separating layer for blood cells
  • - A reaction film in which the colour formation takes place
  • - A bar code on the reverse side, which is read by the meter to confirm test strip identity (the lot number on the test strip is congruent with the stored code)

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