Dental Kit - Disposable

This pocket-sized dental kit is a ‘must have’ product for anyone travelling or working off the beaten track - yachtsmen, explorers and corporate adventurers alike.

Designed by a professional dentist, for use by amateurs (no medical expertise required), Medekit’s pocket-sized disposable dental kit has everything needed to dress broken teeth and fix dislodged fillings, including easy to follow instructions and your own dental mirror, which means if you’re travelling on your own, you really can do-it-yourself.

The real fix is a specially formulated cement that, once applied, prevents the pain caused by the thermal shock to the nerves when exposed to the elements, particularly acute if you are working in extremely cold or Arctic conditions. It allows the tooth to function fully without pain until professional treatment can be reached. The cement is easily removed by a dentist without causing any further damage.

We also include a free sterile dental needle - essential if you are looking to obtain treatment in a local dental or medical surgery where sterile needles are in short supply.


  • - Dentanurse catalyst paste
  • - Dentanurse base paste
  • - Sterile Dental Needle 27g
  • - Mouth mirror
  • - Mixing spatula
  • - Multi-purpose instrument
  • - Mixing tray
  • - Instructions