LIFEPAK 15 Adult/Paediatric Nasal Filterline H SET - Pack of 25

Ideal for quick application in emergency intubation, this adult/paediatric filterline is suitable for use with the LIFEPAK 15 End Tidal CO2 (EtCo2) monitoring feature on the LIFEPAK 15 Monitor/Defibrillator.

The Filterline H sets are specifically for patients receiving humidified ventilation.


- By combining a Filterline EtCO2 circuit with a Microstream Airway Adapter, the Filterline set eliminates time consuming assembly and monitor setup.

- Allows medical personnel to accurately assess a patient in a state of hypoventilation, ventilatory depression, airway obstruction or airway compromise.

- Microstream airway adapters are position-independent, allowing you to place the sensor in the most convenient manner.

- Specifically designed to prevent moisture from clogging the sample cell or circuit.

- Small 1.0 mm diameter minimises dead space and collects accurate ETCO2 samples at flow rates as low as 50ml/minute. This low flow rate allows you to accurately monitor children.


- Airway adapter

- High-humidity Filterline (79&quot) for long-term intubated patients


- Pack size: 25

- Patient weight: <2kg

- Filterline H Set: up to 72 hours humidified

Product is also suitable to use with the LIFEPAK 12.